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This Web site is an on-going attempt to create a web site for the benefit of the Deaf in India, for the parents of the Deaf in India, for the teachers of the Deaf in India, and for anyone else interested in the Deaf and their situation here in India.


The idea for this site comes from a school project that I organized in Mumbai (Bombay) whilst attempting to gain insights into the world of the Deaf in Mumbai starting back in 2005 at an International School as part of the school´s CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) program within the International IB-Diploma system.




Less than 30% of all the deaf kids in India attend schools and of those that do attend schools only about 30% of those ever graduate from the 10th grade. Graduates do not have a level of learning comparable with hearing students that graduate from the 10th grade in India.

This is due to Oralism dominating virtually all the deaf schools in India - We have only found one (1) deaf school in India that teaches using Deaf Sign Language!


What is Oralism?

Do all Sign Languages look the same?

What is Deaf Sign Language?

Deaf Youth organisation started in Mumbai in April 2010


If you click on the book picture you will be linked to the publisher, Gallaudet University Press.

This is the story of an Indian Deaf man, Madan Vasishta, that lost his hearing at the age of 10 and is now Associate Professor in the Department of Administration and Supervision at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Gallaudet teaches university courses for the deaf using Sign Language as the language of instruction.

Concerning Deafness in India, click here.

Some additions thanks to my readers around the world:

Three Deaf links (below) were provided to me by 3rd grade students of Highland Elementary School in Ohio, USA. (Thanks kids!)

Deaf Web sites

** This link (above) was sent to me by Samantha, a deaf student at Futures Charter School in California, USA. Thanks, Samantha!

Family Health Reference To ASL

** This link (above) was sent to me by Ms Alyssa Collins, and was a product of her Girl Scouts group in Denver, Colorado, USA. The girls are working on their Deaf Sign Language Badge and found this link. They sent it to me to include here. Thanks!

** This link (above) was sent to me by Sarah and Garrett Boyd. It contains a lot of valuable learning resources for those wanting to learn ASL. Thanks Sarah and Garrett!

The history of American Sign Language (and much else as well)

** This link (above) was sent to me by Kaity and Michael Rivers, as they thought it would make a beneficial addition to my collection. I've checked it out, and it does, so my thanks to Kaity and Michael!

** This link (above) was sent to me by Mr Mitch Cruickshank and features a breakdown of the evolution of American sign language, its historical use around the world and features a few additional learning resources at the bottom of the page. I found it interesting, and I am sure you will too! Thanks Mitch!


Please don't hesitate to send me any good Sign Language sites that you know of. I'll be happy to add them here.




Another interesting collection of Deaf links can be found here.

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